Donna Dorée worn by Dutch actress GTST's Nina Sanders!

Donna Dorée gedragen door GTST's Nina Sanders!
As a child, I was glued to the television at home so I wouldn't miss a single episode of 'Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden'. As soon as my parents thought I was old enough to watch, I quickly became addicted to the adventures and intrigue in Meerdijk.
I have always been intrigued by the Sanders family in the soap and at one point Nina Sanders was added, played by Marly van der Velden. Her character, with all its ups and downs, has always fascinated me. From kidnappings and traumas to love relationships and her successful career in the fashion world with her own company La Nina.

Lightweight statement earrings in Nina Sanders' wardrobe

One of Nina's most admirable qualities is her ability to continually reinvent and transform herself. This characteristic is perfectly reflected in the beautiful Circe statement earrings from Donna Dorée, which Marly van der Velden even wore several times in the soap. It is therefore a dream come true that, through a special opportunity, I have been able to supplement Nina Sanders' beautiful wardrobe with my own designed earrings. These lightweight gold earrings from Donna Dorée in particular match Nina's style and flair perfectly.

Marly van der Velden - Dutch actress- wearing Donna Dorée

What makes these earrings so special?

The Circe earrings are not only stylish statement pieces, but also designed with comfort in mind. Marly, like many other women, cannot wear heavy earrings. Donna Dorée's lightweight design philosophy makes these gold earrings ideal for her. These statement earrings are named after Circe, the goddess of transformation, and carry her power and beauty. With a refined design that keeps weight to a minimum, our Circe earrings feel like an extension of yourself.

Why the Circe Earrings from Donna Dorée?

  • Lightweight Design: The Circe earrings are designed to be light and comfortable, perfect for everyday wear without the discomfort of heavy earrings.
  • Stylish appearance: just as Nina transforms her little dress into a striking outfit, the Circe earrings provide an enchanting appearance and can take any outfit to the next level.
  • Symbolism of transformation: Circe represents transformation and embracing change. These earrings are a perfect addition for anyone who likes to make a statement and is not afraid to shine.
  • Worn by a soap actress: when Nina Sanders (Marly van der Velden), a fashion icon in the Dutch soap world, wears these earrings, you know you are a trendsetter.

Marly van der Velden looks absolutely stunning with this statement jewelry, and I can't help but admire her style. If you also want to shine like Nina, these earrings and fashion accessories are a must-have for your wardrobe and jewelry collection.

So what are you waiting for?
🛍️ Shop the Circe earrings now in our jewelry webshop and add a touch of glamor to your daily look.

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