Step into a world of statement earrings, where quality, style and empowerment come together in Donna Dorée's beautiful collection . Discover how these unique jewelry tell your story and can make a powerful statement, both in appearance and message.

You can make a statement in many ways, not least with statement earrings. You hear this term more and more often, and there is a good reason for that. After years of wearing 'understated' jewelry and less sustainable jewelry being marketed, the demand for high-quality statement earrings is greater than ever. The key word here is 'quality', because exclusive jewelry says a lot about yourself. They say something about your style and the choices you make in life and that makes them valuable!

And what makes the large statement earrings from Donna Dorée so special? You can read that on this page. Or view the entire collection directly in the webshop if you are curious.

Statement Earrings Rhea Gold

Donna Dorée statement earrings

First of all, a short introduction is of course nice. Donna Dorée is an elegant lady with a golden edge. Someone who sees beauty and possibilities in everything and draws strength from both everyday reality and a limitless dream world. Donna Dorée , that is a brand, a name, a statement. It's a way of life.

Wietske Doreleijers, the visionary behind Donna Dorée, shaped the essence of this elegant brand. In 2019, the idea arose to design jewelry with a positive, powerful message. The fusion of creativity, art, beautiful materials and the drive to realize dreams are all reflected in the Donna Dorée silver statement earrings. Or a statement earring made of gold, exactly what suits your appearance, style and preference.

Donna Dorée literally stands for “The Golden Woman”. And that's you, that's me and that's all those powerful women around you. And I want to convey that message together with you in the form of beautiful jewelry with a message. Let me take you through the collection of statement earrings from Donna Dorée and the underlying idea from which this collection was created.

Meet the goddesses

How do you make a statement with earrings that is seen? I was inspired by mythical goddesses, each with their own character and appearance; Rhea, Circe and Gaia. The collection of earrings called ' Female Figures ' is a tribute to women in all their manifestations.

Rhea: The goddess of fertility

You won't find them more feminine than these gold and silver statement earrings. The voluptuous lines of a woman's body lead to a skirt with strings that gracefully accentuates every movement of your body. Rhea symbolizes the primordial source from which everything arises.

Circe: The goddess of transformation

Life proceeds in circular movements that repeat and grow, always from a central starting point. Your life is accompanied by multiple transformations, and that is what I want to convey with these large statement earrings. The female body is always central to Donna Dorée's statement earrings, which is also clearly visible in this design with large rings.

Gaia: The goddess of nature and the earth

Everything has a beginning, including this line of statement earrings. Gaia gives us insight into the planet where we live. We must be careful with the earth, the nature around us and all living beings with whom we share the earth. This is expressed in a piece of jewelry with different layers. Elegant and simple, but at the same time versatile and diverse.

Make a statement with earrings and choose a piece of jewelry that you will enjoy for years to come. And later also your daughters and granddaughters. Let's take a look at the quality and features of this collection.

Statement earring gold

What is the difference between the gold statement earring and the silver statement earring? First of all, the material, of course. All jewelry in the collection uses 925 sterling silver as the primary material. This is a high quality silver with excellent properties. The statement earrings in gold are then finished with good plating in real gold.

The collection of Donna Dorée gold statement earrings has a different look than the statement earrings in silver. The choice is very personal. For example, a gold statement earring looks great on ladies with (lightly) tanned skin and gives a warm glow. The combination with clothing also influences the overall look. If you would like personal advice about wearing jewelry, please feel free to contact Donna Dorée.

Statement earring silver

The statement earring in silver is made of 925 sterling silver. This is a technical term which means that 92.5% silver is present in the jewelry. The remaining 7.5% consists of another metal, this is called an alloy. Silver is naturally a relatively soft precious metal. By making an alloy, the qualitative properties of silver become even better. In addition, our silver jewelry is provided with a layer of rhodium ring, a silver-white hard metal, which makes your jewelry less likely to damage or oxidize. And with our line of silver statement earrings, quality and sustainability come first. These are not 'fast fashion' products but jewelry that has been passed down for generations. This focus on sustainability is reflected in all facets of design and production.

How do silver statement earrings look best? Due to the striking nature of the designs, it is often the more simple outfits that are preferred by our customers. Yet this is very personal. We also see very nice 'over the top' looks in which our jewelry is combined with many others. Real statement looks.

Silver is a neutral shade that can be easily combined with almost all colors and is usually preferred by ladies with a lighter or fairer skin tone. A good tip from Donna Dorée; Our statement earrings form a nice contrast with, for example, a simple 'little black dress', which Coco Chanel made popular.

Which clothes with statement earrings?

In general, you can say that statement earrings look best when the attention of the clothing goes to the neckline. This can be a simple, elegant, beautifully cut black dress, but a tight turtleneck also looks perfect with statement earrings. And what can also work well is wearing an elegant hat to bring the attention of your outfit to the top. Just look at how much those earrings stand out!

The extravagant appearance of the jewelry forms a nice balance with a simply styled classy outfit. On the other hand, we also regularly see our jewelry appear on the scene in combination with a beautiful ball gown or ladies choose it at their wedding. How special is it to wear beautiful statement pieces during your big day?

Statement earring gold with large rings or hoops
And shall I tell you something else? You will really enjoy wearing them all day long, because they are designed as lightweight statement earrings. Every detail has been thought of.

In short, there are all kinds of theories about fashion, you feel and see what suits you best. The Donna Dorée jewelry is designed as small unique works of art, they are definitely earrings that you want to wear and show off.

Wear them to an exclusive gala, or when you go out with your friends at the weekend. What statement are you making?