The studio

"In the glow of moonlight, within the sanctuary of my studio, I delicately apply the final strokes to my latest collection. A glimmer of excitement dances in my eyes; this is the moment. I witness sheer perfection in my sketches and forms. Everything's coming together, and something entirely novel arises. I sense the inherent strength of the future wearer, envisioning a grand stage where she can radiate her true essence. A stage crafted exclusively for the golden woman."

Fueled by an immense passion for beauty, I devote myself to crafting artistic creations with a soul. Guided by my adoration for elegance, aesthetics, and design, I guarantee the distinctiveness of each creation. My skilled goldsmiths then bring the jewelry to life, seamlessly transitioning from sketches to tangible masterpieces. Every single piece of jewelry is revered as a true work of art.

Code of conduct

I work together with talented professionals at home and abroad. Based on my designs, they follow their heart and create jewelry that showcases the ultimate femininity of Donna Dorée and meets high-quality standards.

As a company, we subscribe to the Amfori BSCI Code of Conduct. We are committed to principles, within our sphere of influence, and fulfill our responsibility to respect human rights and the environment.

Would you like to know more about the material and the care of your jewelry?

When you buy a piece of jewelry from Donna Dorée, you receive an item of high-quality precious metals that will last for years with the potential for it to be cherished across multiple generations. A sustainable trend in jewelry.

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